Learn the Skills of Conscious Love
that will change your life

My name is Geoff Brandenburg, and I am a Life Coach and Holistic Counselor. Doing Your Work is a healing program I created in 1990, and over the last 28 years I have worked with many hundreds of individuals and couples in their emotional and spiritual healing. By doing our work, we can bring acceptance, love and transformation to the wounding that we acquire in our families and relationships. The goal is to liberate our emotional voice, awaken our boundaries and move into being a whole person who can love and be loved with confidence.

The result of doing our work at this depth is that we can live and love again with renewed confidence, think from our hearts with true clarity in our relationships, and communicate who we are in a way that truly honors ourselves and each other.

Contact Geoff :

phone: 530-550-0885

email: gb@doingyourwork.com