The Doing Your Work Program

The pure goal of Doing Your Work is to become emotionally literate so that we can master the skills we need to love ourselves, create healthy relationships, and liberate our creative identity.

The core premise of Doing Your Work is that each of us has an Emotional Body that is as real as our physical body. The Emotional Body—whether wounded through acts of heartlessness, abuse, violence or denial, or trapped in unconscious abandonment, betrayal and deprivation in our families—experiences the same kind of impact and damage as the physical body.

The parallels are exact—tissue damage, circulation damage, structural damage, etc. The only difference is that the damage sustained by the Emotional Body can be completely frozen in time through denial, suppression, fragmentation and splitting.

Whether the emotional wounding is partially or completely displaced within us, the Emotional Body wants to heal. The Doing Your Work Program defines what the Emotional Body is and guides you into the full healing of your Emotional Body.

There are four distinct modalities in Doing Your Work that rebuild our emotional bodies so that we have healthy choices again: 1) creating emotional literacy and sobriety, 2) breath and energy practices to reawaken and reanimate the emotional body, 3) discovering and rebuilding our boundaries, and 4) Reparenting and restoring the full function of the four emotional ages within us: the little kid, teenager, young adult and mature adult.

The essential goal of doing healing work like this is to bring all of our emotional experience into our hearts for complete acceptance and self-nurturing. As the heart and emotions unite, the mind can receive this new love as truth, and shed the wounded thinking that comes from dysfunctional relationships. And from there, our true emotional voice can emerge in our life and relationships.