"I’d survived the traumas of my childhood and muddled through to my mid-twenties when I confronted the fact that I would need substantial help to have a chance at becoming the person I wanted to be. I needed to process a lot of pain, to heal, and to build new skills that would serve me as a man, a husband, a dad… and I had no clue how to do that.

Enter Geoff. Through his compassion, intelligence, stunning intuition, and sound approach, he earned my trust and has faithfully guided me toward reaching my goals over the past ten years.

Through our work together, I have truly learned to move mountains in my heart and mind. Again and again, our sessions lead to small breakthroughs and epiphanies which combine to produce game-changing improvements in my life and relationships. I have shed heavy burdens I’d once thought were permanent, rediscovered and honored my essential qualities that had been buried, and learned to feel an inner peacefulness that was once far out of reach.

Geoff has empowered me to accomplish feats of healing and growth that would have seemed miraculous to my younger self. In fact, our collaboration has been so effective in accomplishing my original goals that, these days, I’ve found myself ready to dream bigger and chase new ambitions (on my own terms, this time). Such is the potency and promise of Geoff’s work. I cannot imagine having undertaken my healing journey with any other person."


"Geoff was very keen at honing in on our issues and then elaborating on them. His decades of experience and wisdom really show and help to speed along recovery. He is a smart and talented counsellor that I recommend to all."


"In my first session with Geoff he dialed in what was going on with me and in my relationship faster and more deeply than other therapists or counselors I've worked with over the years. He gave me great tools and amazing insights that have really changed my life. I can't say thank you enough."