About Geoff

The psychospiritual healing work I do with my clients began in 1972 as a freshman in college. I took a course in clinical psychology, and halfway through I saw that there was a deep need for a psychology of love, one that understands human behavior not as a series of mechanisms and disorders but rather as an expression of how well love is or is not working in one's life, relationships, and family. I committed my life then to creating that very thing.

Between then and 1986 I developed as a graphic designer, musician, dancer, and massage therapist to lay a strong creative foundation in my life while very deliberately working to heal up from my own tragically dysfunctional family. In the mid-70's I spontaneously began doing my Inner Child and Reparenting work, journeying through many layers of pain into my lost childhood voice and boundaries while learning how to deeply nurture myself as an awakening man. I trusted the love in my soul, and discovered the integrative healing journey that became the foundation for all the work that I do today with my clients.

In 1986 I was 'discovered' by an Intuitive Counselor who saw that I had a natural intuitive gift for understanding people and their processes and suggested that I use it, so I began doing Intuitive Readings for people. At the same time, I underwent a Buddhist initiation into a Red Tara practice that had never been given before in the United States. This was given by Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, a Tibetan teacher of the Nyingma school of Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism. To receive the initiation, Rinpoche asked us to make a complete and conscious commitment to the spiritual healing of all humanity as a life path; otherwise, we were asked to leave. I stayed.

In 1990 I completed an intensive 6-month training in Integrative Emotional Healing and Breathwork Practice, and this solidified all of the the deep healing work I had already done into a complete approach to working with clients. I became one of the more emotionally/spiritually oriented pioneers in the Life Coaching movement, committed to providing a new humanistic and holistic alternative to traditional therapies.

This also launched my work to create the positive psychology of love that I had envisioned in college. For the next 7 years I deepened and extended my own healing and self-actualization as I successfully created two careers—one as a software interface/computer game designer and art director, and the other working with clients.

In 1998 I moved from Marin to Truckee and began working full-time with clients and have done so ever since. I was in a deeply committed relationship for 15 years in which we did our Second Family emotional and spiritual healing work, with great dedication, to successfully break the cycle of Inherited Generational Dysfunction. Our work culminated in a profound journey of Awakening Light in Holly's last year of life before she passed from cancer in 2014. I have since married a wonderful woman and am enjoying a beautiful relationship as we move into expansive realms of spirituality and creativity.

I am a C-PTSD survivor and a cancer survivor. What I teach and my approach to healing is deeply rooted in everything I have worked through in becoming whole again. I am living my best life ever, and I love supporting my clients in finding theirs. I bring the pure experience of how to achieve recovery and success, applied with compassion and care, into every session.

My work with clients is deeply heart-centered and rooted in the success of what it means to create real, emotionally sober love and relationship. I live in the commitment to provide people with the tools, understandings and processes that allow them to heal the dysfunction they've acquired in their families, take control of their lives with confidence, and create dynamic and successful relationships and families.