"I highly recommend partnering with Geoff. As someone who can easily "think" rather than "feel" my emotions, Geoff showed me how to be more present in my body; sensing when I became dysregulated and guiding me through techniques to find my way back to center. He validated so much of the pain I was feeling and helped me process deep-rooted grief. As a result of our work together, I am able to trust myself to know what I need to feel regulated in my life. I still employ the tools Geoff taught me, and they have helped me remain healthy even months after we concluded our time together. I cannot thank him enough."

CH (Woman)

"Working with Geoff Brandenburg has been an immensely powerful journey of self-discovery, hard work and healing. His insight, compassion and wisdom has had a profound effect upon my life and my understanding of myself; who I am, the energies from the past that have made me into the being I am, and where my soul needs to go in the future, all of which has empowered me to make choices that best serve my most authentic self.

Geoff has the unique ability to speak in plain language while explaining and exploring the energetic and spiritual in the deepest and most profound of ways, which makes my sessions feel incredibly grounded, while providing me with the most well-rounded understanding I’ve ever had about who I am, what is making my life what it is, what I really want for my future and how I might attain it.

Geoff is an endless well-spring of compassion with an immense generosity of Spirit. I have felt nothing but acceptance from him even during some of our most challenging sessions, when I have been struggling and doubting myself the most. I literally can’t imagine what the journey of my life would currently be like had I not begun to work with Geoff. "

BL (Man)

"I want to acknowledge the gift you have given me in working with you all these years. It is true that my childhood circumstances gave me a platform (a wobbly one at that!) for my work as a teacher. You have provided the foundation to support that wobbly platform that I never knew as a child. You taught me how to heal and nurture myself so that I could give that very gift to the children. Doing my work with you has been my true teacher training. Thank you for being such a light in this world and guiding and shaping all that is most important and necessary in life."

With gratitude, JD --- Waldorf School teacher.

"I’d survived the traumas of my childhood and muddled through to my mid-twenties when I confronted the fact that I would need substantial help to have a chance at becoming the person I wanted to be. I needed to process a lot of pain, to heal, and to build new skills that would serve me as a man, a husband, a dad… and I had no clue how to do that.

Enter Geoff. Through his compassion, intelligence, stunning intuition, and sound approach, he earned my trust and has faithfully guided me toward reaching my goals over the past ten years.

Through our work together, I have truly learned to move mountains in my heart and mind. Again and again, our sessions lead to small breakthroughs and epiphanies which combine to produce game-changing improvements in my life and relationships. I have shed heavy burdens I’d once thought were permanent, rediscovered and honored my essential qualities that had been buried, and learned to feel an inner peacefulness that was once far out of reach.

Geoff has empowered me to accomplish feats of healing and growth that would have seemed miraculous to my younger self. In fact, our collaboration has been so effective in accomplishing my original goals that, these days, I’ve found myself ready to dream bigger and chase new ambitions (on my own terms, this time). Such is the potency and promise of Geoff’s work. I cannot imagine having undertaken my healing journey with any other person."

AG (Man)

"Geoff saved our marriage, pure and simple. We both came from volatile, dysfunctional backgrounds—addiction, abuse of differnt kinds, trauma, you name it. We were each others perfect fighting triggers and had no idea what we were doing until Geoff walked us through grief dynamics, boundaries and emotional sobriety, and gradually we saw what was happening.

He showed us how to make new choices—for me, with victimization and projection, and for my husband, emotional armor and vulnerability. It was amazing how Geoff got the differences between men and women and translated our emotions to us.

It has been six years and we are still having "aha" moments where we think back to something Geoff showed us, and we finally get it.

As parents, it is pretty unbelievable how our kids have changed since we "got sober" emotionally. And what a relief to stop being afraid of how we might be "f**king our kids up"!

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

JD (Woman)

"When I had my first session with Geoff I was at a point of no return, or so I thought. He talked me off the ledge that day, and several times again over the course of several months. Geoff helped me move through grief, fear, and anger to get to the truth of the matter. He helped my husband and I remember our love and save our marriage.

Through his many years of experience, spot on intuition, and deep spirituality, I felt heard, seen, safe, and cared for. He championed for me and us in a way that I've never experienced with any other therapist. I have and would recommend Geoff to anyone or any couple willing and needing to do their work.

We cut right to the heart of any issue and never wasted any space or time. Geoff's ability to "call it like he sees it" is unmatched. I am eternally grateful for the guidance, support, and growth that has come from working with Geoff."

CL (JB's wife)

"When we had our first meeting with Geoff, our marriage had been on the edge of collapse for well over a year. It was not certain our marriage would make it. Being a typical man, I was not confident that seeing a therapist would have any real impact or help in any way, but things were dire and I agreed to our first meeting. I immediately felt comfortable with Geoff, and he was able to communicate some very powerful insight into our relationship dynamics right out of the gate. It was almost scary how quickly he was able to dig right to the root of our issues.

I have seen some therapists in the past but it always seemed that they listened and nodded, asked some poignant questions, but had very little to offer in terms of constructively helping the problems that were identified. After our first appointment with Geoff, he had already given us some tools and wisdom that began to help our situation. Over the following months and many sessions with Geoff, our relationship went through some ups and some severe downs. I truly believe that had we not been seeing Geoff through this period, our marriage would have collapsed and we would not be together today.

What amazes me the most about Geoff is his intuition and understanding of the human condition. He is able to see clearly into the client's psyche and then contrast what he sees against his deep knowledge of the needs, wants, and desires that women and men have, specifically relating to different types of people. In the first few sessions I had hardly spoken about myself, but he was able to pinpoint so much about who I was and some of the ways I could focus my efforts in order to help heal our relationship.

He even offered timelines for the healing process for various emotional traumas, which I found really useful. When dealing with mental, emotional, and spiritual trauma, it all seems so wishy-washy (for lack of a better word). I am a very logical, practical person, so it is difficult for me to see how talking about things can lead to real change. Geoff helped me understand some of the ways that these traumas heal over time, which I found to be really useful. I found that structure and perspective to be really useful as we worked through our problems.

It has now been almost one year since our first session and my wife and I are in a completely different place. Our relationship is stronger than it has ever been, and we are happy. We both agree that Geoff is a major reason that we are where we are today. "

JB (CL's husband)

"By the beginning of 2017 when I had turned twenty-four, I had qualities of my life to be happy about, but they all felt meaningless, or unseen. Scared, resentful, and prone to the combo of anger and depression for most of my life, I felt that I had no idea on how to fix myself, and that everything was a waste. I finally bottomed out in March of that year where I was institutionalized for a few days.

Upon being released, I made it a goal to myself to re-enter counseling despite the mixed results it had yielded to that point. Through a Tahoe Donner office, I was referred to Geoff, and it seemed within two meetings with him, my emotions finally began to make sense. Through him explaining that my unnamed and overpowering feelings of pain, sadness, and hate were the feelings of the grieving, inner child I still held, I finally understood my behavior in a way I could articulate and take ownership of.

Over the last two years, Geoff has helped me identify, and face every prejudice, self-judgment, and demon that made me hate and harm myself; all while using the most personable and compassionate approach to counseling I have ever seen. Geoff has helped me to find my voice, understanding, and the still evolving love and respect for myself and my family that I believed would never happen. He even encouraged me to write my life-story!

This week marked my two-year anniversary of being removed from hospitalization without re-admittance. Through Geoff's teachings, and guidance, he has shown me how to love and forgive myself, anyone, and anything I will encounter. He is the miracle I needed, and the greatest teacher I have ever known!"

P.A.T (Man)

"When I first came to see Geoff it was to address some deep traumas that had become emotionally and spiritually paralyzing - I was functioning at a pretty low level and struggling with addiction and depression. The healing that I have been able to do since then, and the progress that I’ve made, is truly astounding. I know others who have seen Geoff as well who agree that he has a very special combination of skills: a deep emotional and psychological understanding, mastery of methods such as Inner Child work and Emotional Sobriety/Recovery, and an intuition of the healing process that is far beyond what most therapists and counselors are able to offer. The breadth of his tools and insight have been profoundly effective, allowing me, from day one, to begin to heal.

When I was younger, even though I fantasized about being an emotionally and professionally high functioning person, I didn’t really have a sense of what that looked like. I didn’t know what day to day life would be like without fear, anxiety, and depression. In contrast, my life now is hopeful and relaxed, I am professionally successful, and I choose nurturing and loving relationships. There aren’t enough thank yous and gratefuls for Geoff - my life would be very different without the opportunity to do the kind of work I have done with him."

CK (Woman)

"Geoff was very keen at honing in on our issues and then elaborating on them. His decades of experience and wisdom really show and help to speed along recovery. He is a smart and talented counsellor that I recommend to all."

KH (Woman)

"In my first session with Geoff he dialed in what was going on with me and in my relationship faster and more deeply than other therapists or counselors I've worked with over the years. He gave me great tools and amazing insights that have really changed my life. I can't say thank you enough."

MW (Man)