The Goals of the Program

I want to outline the overall coaching goals that I set with my clients as we begin working together. It is very important to have this in mind at the beginning, as this is the structure that we develop together over time that becomes the foundation for healing and success.

1. The purpose of Doing Your Work is to be able to take full responsibility for your emotional and cognitive growth and development, with the goal of becoming self-actualized and empowered to build healthy, loving relationships and a successful life.

2. The first core skill I seek to impart to my clients is the ability to respond to yourself in the way that others in your life have not, and establish safety in your body, heart, emotions and mind, especially when you are triggered. This means learning to breathe and feel your body and emotions, develop self-empathy vs self-judgment for your needs and experience, and be present with all parts of yourself as you become more conscious of what needs healing inside of you.

3. Successful emotional and cognitive development is rooted in learning how to give yourself permission to set boundaries in relationships and life, to use your emotional voice to communicate and express feelings and needs in setting those boundaries, and to commit to your vision of your authentic self unfolding.

4. As these early stages of growth take root, the goal then becomes to be able to embrace, respond to, and process the deeper emotions of shock and grief as they come up. This means being able to regulate your nervous system into greater resilience as triggers arise and take over your body and mind. As you learn to navigate the landscape of your own inner life, a new person emerges - the real adult self.

5. As healing progresses, the goal is to develop a solid self-love and self-respect that seeks to renew love and relationship at ever more successful levels, with the long-term goal of holding our families in compassion and acceptance. Breaking the cycles of inherited dysfunction and trauma is a lifelong journey.

The ultimate goal of committing to Doing Your Work is to grow love and compassion - in ourselves and with each other - in such a way that we are contributing to life around us in our own way.

And then, our lives can really start to work—and miracles of love become possible.