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My name is Geoff Brandenburg, and I am a Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, and certified Trauma Recovery Skills coach. Doing Your Work is a healing program I created in 1990 after a 6-month Integrative Breathwork and Healing Training, and over the last 34 years I have guided many hundreds of clients into their emotional and spiritual healing. The goal of my approach is to help clients identify the places where their authentic self has been blocked in their lives, and to respond to those parts of themselves with skill and self-love. Ultimately, we learn to embrace the unseen grief and trauma that we acquire in our families and relationships, and to gently and dynamically transform these energies. I use and teach both cognitive and somatic processes so my clients can learn to consciously breathe, speak and move inside their wounding, own their boundaries, and create the safety that was missing in their lives growing up.

With these skills, the result of doing our work at this depth is that we can live, love, and be loved with renewed confidence. We learn to think from our hearts with true clarity and vulnerability in our relationships, and communicate who we are in a way that truly honors ourselves and each other. We can learn to break the cycles of inherited generational trauma and give birth to families that grow love and success.

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